Joji Nakamura & Risa Tsunegi

From abstraction: Between the conscious and subconscious


Exposition du 14 septembre au 30 octobre 2018






















Risa Tsunegi’s artistic statement

« Information only from our vision could be not the truth. It is very strong yet very doubtful. So I believe that what I can only trust is what I have experienced in the end; however, for artworks I attempt to make “as if” situations. The situation and the feeling when you understand a theory of what it is, what to do or how to do a thing but your body actually does not react as your mind. There is a gap or delay between perception and recognition or the time when what is in front of you does not link to what you know. A surprise, a deception and illusoriness are important for my works to represent the ambiguous and uncertain ground of dualism.

My practice often explores the relationship between force and form and ideas and artworks are heavily reflected upon exhibition spaces. First of all, I was very fascinated by the gallery space that consists of a variety of odd rooms with unique shapes. Obviously, the gallery has also its history that evolved to its present layout, regardless of the original function of each room. Because of each of the rooms’ unique characteristics, I am fascinated by the transformation and shifts, of our indoor activities at home or at any other buildings—choosing a function or naming and defining a concept, and then shifting from our imaginary or conceptual to the real. My attempt in this exhibition is to show another possibilities of the transformation of organic forms with experimentation on desires underneath of those changes. »



Joji Nakamura’s artistic statement

« Freedom. Release.

I draw lines freely, without constraints, and hand-paint directly onto surface.
I do not contemplate what it looks like.
There is no need for it to be anything.
Painting and drawing may give a sense of freedom. However, if I rationalize it, this freedom only starts from where one wants to be free. In the end, I am not sure if the work frees me or I free myself.

Using color makes me even more free.
The contrast between black and the other colors frees me further while I paint.

The only thing that doesn’t change is the relationship between the painted work and the person who confronts it.
What does it look like?
Can a spectator see an image in it?


Sometimes, I feel bad about how little I try to communicate as a piece evolves.
But the inconvenience of having to justify it is very romantic, and gives me another perspective.

The freedom that I truly desire may be just a little « romantic inconvenience. »
And I feel that as such, my true self is expressed in my work. »



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