Artist’s Statement


« Freedom. Release.

I draw lines freely, without constraints, and hand-paint directly onto surface.
I do not contemplate what it looks like.
There is no need for it to be anything.
Painting and drawing may give a sense of freedom. However, if I rationalize it, this freedom only starts from where one wants to be free. In the end, I am not sure if the work frees me or I free myself.

Using color makes me even more free.
The contrast between black and the other colors frees me further while I paint.

The only thing that doesn’t change is the relationship between the painted work and the person who confronts it.
What does it look like?
Can a spectator see an image in it?


Sometimes, I feel bad about how little I try to communicate as a piece evolves.
But the inconvenience of having to justify it is very romantic, and gives me another perspective.

The freedom that I truly desire may be just a little « romantic inconvenience. »
And I feel that as such, my true self is expressed in my work. »

Expositions personnelles


  • « Black Discovery« , Bookmarc, Tokyo


  • « How I paint some of my paintings« , The Container, Tokyo


  • « Touch Me, I’m Sick« , Clear Edition & Gallery, Tokyo


  • « Godspeed Yesterday« , Clear Edition & Gallery, Tokyo
  • « Drawing Show« , Wishless, Tokyo 2013
  • « Oxymoronic« , Clear Edition & Gallery, Tokyo
  • « White Show« , Slant Gallery, Kanazawa
  • « White Show« , No.12 Gallery, Tokyo
  • « Joji Nakamura« , Tsutaya Daikanyama (T-Site), in shop exhibition, Tokyo
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